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Newest release: Flip This Ghost

Desire knows no boundaries.  Friends are not always who they appear.  Some secrets are better left dead and buried . . .

The Seduction of Faith:

This book was such a delightful find. It has it all - great story, great characters, humor, and an anti-hero you can't help but root for. I seriously enjoyed the story and was so disappointed when I turned the page and it didn't continue...... Can't wait to read the rest of this funny, sexy, engaging series.

Posted August 4, 2013

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You Can't Have Faith

Book 2 - Pure Faith series

In Progress - Chapter 1

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Flip This Ghost

Paperback now available!

Faith: The Forbidden Fruit

Book 1 - Pure Faith series

In Progress - complete through Chapter 39

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Welcome!  Make yourselves at home.  ("Don't think of this as my house, or his house, or our house . . . ." Faith was rambling, she knew.) - excerpt from The Seduction of Faith.

Don't worry, I won't bite.  But some of my characters might!  (Gnashing their teeth while burning . . .) - excerpt from Faith's Intoxication.  (. . . as the panther first began tearing into her neck, then . . .) - excerpt from The Seduction of Faith.  See what I mean?

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