Debbie L. Moore

Author - Sensual Supernatural Suspense

Author Bio

Debbie L. Moore swims in the world of finance by day and splashes in

a pool of romance by night. She lives in Florida with her soul mate

and their two daughters. Longing to be more creative and less

analytical, her husband suggested she pursue a hobby. What began as

an inspiration became the Pure Faith series of novels. Now she

dreams of being a romance author by day and a sleeper by night.

She was born in Massachusetts, and can trace her ancestor's emigration to this country when they arrived at Hobart's Landing in 1637.  As such, her love for the US and patriotism runs deep.

Debbie was the first-born of identical, mirror twins.  Her sister was stillborn.  As a child, once learning of this, she believed she must have been the "evil twin."  That, in combination with watching horror movies with her mother from the age of 4, began her infatuation with thrillers and suspense.

Her family moved to Florida when she was 8 and she can't seem to gravitate far from the east coast.  She loves the ocean, but doesn't care for the sand, and she won't wade out very far.  The sound of the waves calms her, and provides perspective.  Despite the sunshine, she's vitamin D deficient.  Go figure!

She met her husband when he was 16 and she was 13, and they've been together ever since.  They married 2 weeks after her high-school graduation, and had the 1st of 2 beautiful daughters a year and a half later.  "We are both fortunate to have found our soulmate."  Thus her believe in the power of love, her fervor for life, and her devotion to passion.

"My favorite books growing up were horror stories.  I'd never picked up a romance novel until after I'd written my first book, The Seduction of Faith.  It was intended to be a thriller, but after writing my first sex scene, it was so much fun I couldn't stop myself!  I decided later that 2 more novels could precede it, so those will be prequels."

"I find the suspense and mystery aspects to be more challenging to write than the romance.  As the author, I know the storyline and where it is leading.  It takes restraint not to give away too much in the beginning.  What fun would it be to figure out the mystery during chapter three?  Talk about ruining the suspense!"

I'd love to hear your perspective after reading any of my novels.  I hope I was able to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.  Feel free to contact me here."