The Seduction of Faith - Pure Faith Series, Book #3

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Book Description:

Heaven and Hell are vying for control.  The fate of the world tilts between good and evil.  Which will reign supreme?

Catherine Faith Valantsio, a virtuous Linguistics student, receives a cryptic phone call that turns her world upside down.  The descendant of a chosen family, she has an important future to fulfill, if only she was even remotely aware.

Nash Rittic is aware, and determined to destroy her: body, mind, and soul.   It is his destiny to do so.  Faith possesses two items he desperately needs in order to increase his power and take his rightful place.

From the moment Faith lays eyes upon Nash, he intoxicates her, awakening feelings she never knew existed.  Will Nash use this to his advantage, as he has done so many times in the past, or will he succumb to the undeniable sensations Faith arouses within him?  The answer will determine whose destiny will triumph.

Notice:  This novel contains graphic content.  For readers 18+ years of age only.


Author - Sensual Supernatural Suspense

Debbie L. Moore

Faith's Intoxication - Pure Faith Series, Book # 4

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Book Description:

Faith and Nash will prey upon each other's most sensual instincts . . .

Due to unplanned circumstances, Faith now has the power of intoxication.  And she plans on using it to her benefit – and pleasure.  But there are unforeseen complications . . .

Nash is forced to make some tough decisions that will affect their futures.  Satan has other plans, and will use any and all means at his disposal to destroy them both.  Armageddon is inevitable.  It isn't a matter of if, but how soon.  And who will be the catalyst . . .

Shawn, Hope, Charity, and Grace have vowed to support Faith no matter the cost.  Will they all get caught in the crossfire?

Notice:  This novel contains graphic content.  For readers 18+ years of age only.

Flip This Ghost

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Book Description:

Desire knows no boundaries.  Friends are not always who they appear.  Some secrets are better left dead and buried . . .

Anna Westicon, a recent divorcée, plans to make a fresh start by renovating and selling an old Queen Anne to get back the life in which she’s accustomed.  When a friend is too busy with her own life to provide the moral support she craves, alcohol becomes Anna’s best alternative while dealing with her newfound loneliness.  But she’s not alone . . .

Marcus, the original owner, has been there all along.  Anna is the first occupant that has been able to hear him.  See him.  Be touched by him.  Even the dead have needs.   And he’s not the only one lingering . . .

Hurled into a world of lies and betrayal, Anna struggles to learn the truth about not only the house’s past, but her own.  Has a madman captured her heart?  Is her own life at risk?

Notice:  This novel contains graphic content.  For readers 18+ years of age only.

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The Making Of The Elixir - Short Story Companion to The Seduction of Faith

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Book Description:

How many imps does it take to brew an elixir?

The answer to this question and much more is revealed in this cute and whimsical "behind the scenes" look into the making of Nash's special concoction.  The Making Of The Elixir makes a wonderful companion to the novel "The Seduction of Faith", Book 3 of the Pure Faith Series.

Find out what lengths Nash is willing to go in order to seduce and destroy the one woman that stands in his way.  But the effects of the potion have consequences that no one will foresee....